7 Secret Hacks to Gain Motivation for Homework

To succeed in life means hard work, confidence, and patience. The dream of every student is to study well and pass with good grades. While some students make efforts throughout the studying period, some fail to deliver the expected results. There are many reasons that can make a student perform poorly, and one of the reasons is failing to do homework.

In this guide, we major our focus on homework motivation and help students realize practical hacks that will help them gain the motivation to do homework.

Why can’t I make myself do my homework?

“I don’t want to do homework.” If you ever find yourself in this scenario, you need to figure out some of the reasons making you lack adequate motivation to do your homework. Some of the basic reasons include the following:

  • Lack of resources to do homework, such as books and textbooks
  • Poor studying environment
  • Lots of distractions around
  • Complex tasks
  • Bad company
  • Poor concentration/lack of attention
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling lazy
  • Inadequate time

These are just part of the elements that can make a student lack the ultimate motivation to do homework well. In the next section, we highlight how to make yourself do homework well and on time.

How to motivate yourself to do homework

If you are wondering how to get homework done, try applying the tips below:

  1. Create a comfortable studying environment

Your learning location plays a crucial role in motivating you to do homework. Therefore, an ideal homework environment should have a good chair and table to help position yourself in a motivating way, ready to do your study.

  1. Get all the materials first

When doing homework, a lack of reference materials can kill your motivation to keep doing your homework. For instance, when handling a complex question that requires further research, you are likely to quit and procrastinate the moment you realize you don’t have the learning resources. Therefore, always make it a habit to always have everything in place first before you begin doing your homework.

  1. Do not procrastinate

Many students fall into the trap of procrastinating their homework tasks. This can be a major setback for homework motivation because the more you push homework to do later, the more the motivation dies. Therefore, as long as you have time, enough resources, and are in a position to do your homework, make it a habit to always start immediately.

  1. Avoid distractions

Distractions are a major cause of homework procrastination, and in the end, a student can easily lose focus and the urge to complete homework tasks. Such distractions can be noise from the surrounding environment or social media notifications. Therefore, create a calm environment that will enhance maximum concentration. Besides, put off any smart gadget that is likely to capture your attention whenever you are doing homework.

  1. Get a study partner

Are you wondering why you don’t have the psych to finish your homework, yet you have everything in place? It is simply the ultimate boredom surrounding you. You don’t have someone to encourage, push or motivate you to finish your homework. Therefore, getting a study partner with similar interests as you can boost your homework motivation.

  1. Ask for help

Are you stuck in the middle of doing your homework and feeling like quitting? Well, do not quit or procrastinate doing your homework yet because you are likely to lose motivation in the long run. Instead, as for help from someone who understands the concept or subject better. It can be your teacher, a fellow student, or your parent/guardian.

  1. Have goals or objectives

What is the one, two, or three things making you want to study and finish your homework? Have your own set of objectives you want to achieve. Such goals and objectives will make you work towards achieving them. Whether it is to pass well, whether you want to fulfill your dream career, or any other goal, highlight them so that they can always motivate you to do homework


It is okay to lack the motivation for doing homework at some point. Besides, if you are in this situation, you aren’t the only one. You only need to figure out what is making you lose the motivation to do your homework and try applying some, if not all, of the tips highlighted in this guide.